Global Fat Bike Ride Day 2015 Merseyside edition

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Following us Brits “inventing” Fat Bike Day the yanks have taken up and ran with it.

It’s changed it’s name to Global Fat Bike Ride Day and it roughly takes place the first Saturday in December, so if you have a Fat Bike and ride it occasionally make sure you get out on it on Global Fat Bike Day every year and take a photo to prove you rode it, even if it’s just to the shop and back

There were around 6 “gatherings” around the UK from Scotland to Dorset, I said I’d lead my normal Merseyside ride and we had 10 Fat Bikes riding up to 40 miles on beaches, sand dunes, single track, canal towpaths and disused railway lines avoiding all forms of tarmac.

Here are some shots


Gomez from says "I don’t know anyone that can choreograph a rolling beach echelon, like John"






Role on next year


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