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Ever since I saw the Surly Krampus I wanted a 29er+ for longer rides and bike packing, but because of the lack of frame bags on the market at the time (or I didn’t know about them at the time) I didn’t buy one because it wasn’t suited to rack fittings. A chance meeting with the guys from Surly at a Scottish Fat Bike meet up gave me a hint of the future and the up coming ECR (Extreme Camping Rig), but by the time it took to come out I’d discovered frame bags and luggage carrying seat packs. Plus a mate bought a bike I’d never heard of the Travers Rudy Fat, I read up on it contacts Michael Travers and test rode my mates medium framed piece of Titanium loveliness and I instantly fell in love with how it felt and rode I had to have one.

After dreaming about a Rohloff hub for a couple of years after riding on an 11 speed shimano hub and many, many, many emails to and from Michael Travers about a new bike called the Angus that he was working on it was decided by my heart (not my wallet) as that is the bike I needed and wanted.

Michael rushed 2 Angus’s from the factory to get to not only me but to Angus Edmond (the bikes name sake) who came 2nd in the World Single Speed Championships, the rush was to get Angus’s Angus to him before his next race and mine nicely fitted into the same box for shipping, Cheers Angus.

I’ve ridden it since late spring for 2000 miles (as part of my 5000 off road miles a target on my several bikes) and although the belt drive we worked on from day one died on the first bit of mud it hit and it took a day of faffing to sort out a chain drive replacement it’s not skipped a beat since that day. I’ve ridden the Leeds Liverpool canal towpath in record time and had several bike packing trips on it as well and quite a few local big rides.

Now it’s time to let you on a little bit of news, while chatting to Michael he has asked me to become one of his Brand Ambassadors

We are currently working on the next generation Race Fat, Fat Bike


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