Call the fashion police

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Because I’ve entered the Bear Bones Winter Bike Packing Overnight Bivi Bike Ride Event the first weekend in January, which Stuart the organiser has called Ford Fiesta.

Although we won’t have an idea of were we are riding or even sleeping over the cold and dark weekend until we are sent the instructions on Christmas eve, knowing Stuart’s evil mind it won’t be a ride to a Ford Fiesta it will most probably be a Fiesta of Fords to cross over.

Not wanting to take my shoes and socks off for everyone of these sub zero river crossings, I’ve splashed the cash and although the fashion police will be on to me, for less than £12 I’ve bought a pair of these


Small pack size


Fairly lightweight at 166grams a welly


No need to take your shoes and socks off, just pull them over your cycling shoes


Pull the drawstring to seal the tops to stop them slipping down


They even have grippy soles.

Stupid colour and possibly a stupid idea, but for £9.99 plus postage if they fail I’ve not lost much apart from my dignity.


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