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Tomorrow see’s me heading out for a wet and windy weekend of riding in deepest darkest mid Wales with around 90 other nutters (bike packers), on the Bear Bones Ford Fiesta ride.

On Christmas Eve we were send 20 grid reference for 20 fords (not the car but the river crossings), with an aim to plan a route to as many or as few as we wanted to do, it’s not a race just a social or solo adventure with like minded souls.

So now my bike’s loaded and Archie my puzzled Border Terries is wondering what I’m doing, looking at the high winds forecast for the weekend I wonder myself.

Where you going dad?
Total weight with 2 bottles of water and food/snacks is 56 lbs and that’s my lightweight load
But as normal I won’t have any backpack on my back it’s all on the bike.



Travers Angus (Rudy Fat) 29er+ with a Rohloff geared hub

Front bag and harness (Alpkit)
3 season down sleeping bag
silk sleeping bag liner
air matress
bivi bag (just in case I don’t make the bothy)
Medium tarp (just in case I don’t make the bothy)
tent/tarp pegs (just in case I don’t make the bothy)
inflatable pillow
down jacket

2 stem bags (Alpkit)
Go Pro
Go Pro selfy stick
Pocket camera
jelly beans
Cooking Ti mug
spork, burner, loo paper, fire lighter
3 x breakfast bars
battery for charging phone and cameras
spare batteries for GPS

Middle triangle bag (cheapy bag)
Meths for cooking
water filter
foldable water bag for use with water filter

Rear bag (Wildcat and Alpkit)
clean dry clothes for next day
warm trousers for overnighting
tooth paste
pasta meal
breakfast bars
beanie hat
hip flask
tiny back pack for carrying wood up to the bothy from the shop near the pub
spare inner tube
Plus my only luxury, foldable wellies in case of any deep ford crossing

plus 2 full water bottles and a GPS.


My plan A is to cover 73 miles 9200m of ups and downs with a pub meal stop before getting to an overnight bothy where some of the 90 riders will be meeting up.

Ford Fiesta 2015 plan A, 73 miles 9200m


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