When everything* goes to plan

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This weekend saw the Bear Bones Bike Packing January Ford Fiesta Event in deepest darkest Wales.

I won’t bore you with the details of I rode here and I rode there but I’ll share with you some pictures and a quick review of my gear at the bottom of this blog.

Saturday morning weather forecast


Sunday forecast


Stuart and Dee of Bear Bones http://www.bearbonesbikepacking.co.uk/index.php serving up towels, dice, tea and toast


The idea was to cross any of the 20 fords that we are given to hunt out, but bridges were allowed when available


More fords to cross



Fantastic views


With a very remote feel


Red, Black & White, tyre envy

Tyre Envy

More fords


Friendly locals


Very, very remote feeling


Bothy life


A loo with a view


Riding with a racer

Man machine

At last a tail wind


Ride stats over the 2 days from 10am Saturday until 1pm on Sunday

72.6 miles, 8,647feet of ups and downs and 56.6 lbs of bike and kit weight

Products reviewed

Travers 29er+ Angus (Rudy Fat) – I couldn’t have asked for a better and more enjoyable bike to ride even with it’s total weight with winter kit was 56.6lbs it handled as if it wasn’t carrying anything at all http://www.traversbikes.com/store/p8/Rudy_Fat_29__Frame.html

Surly Knard 29 x 3” tyres on 45mm rims – for 99% of the ride they were fantastic rolling so well, leaving those I rode with on the downs without pedalling EVERY time, 1% of the ride was mud and wet grass where there was a fair bit of wheel spin and loss of traction but it was easy to live with when the rest of the ride was so easy

Wildcat – Tiger – The perfect harness for fitting a load onto the rear of your bike without the need for a pannier rack, and fitting instructions once the load had settled from Ian of Wildcat himself while riding together. http://www.wildcatgear.co.uk/shop/seat-systems/wildcat-gear-tiger/

Alpkit – Kanga and Roo harness for the front of the bike, Double ended dry bag, 2 stem cells and a tapered dry bag to fit in the Wildcat Tiger, just worked perfectly without complaints, you couldn’t have asked for more https://www.alpkit.com/bike-luggage

I won’t bore you with the other stuff like sleeping bag, mattress, cooking stuff etc, etc that was needed to survive on.

* Not everything went to plan. I left my inflatable pillow in the bothy but luckily Mike (Yetiman) picked it up and brought it home for me and I did forget to pack my Alpkit Spork (folding spoon/fork). Cheers for the un hygienic borrow in the bothy fellas.

Thanks for everyone for the banter and the excuse to get out for a weekend of great riding in early January


3 thoughts on “When everything* goes to plan

    ianbarrington said:
    January 28, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    Not a bad picture of me there, John 🙂
    Still can’t believe quite how fast that 29+ rolls either…


    JohnClimber responded:
    January 28, 2015 at 9:02 pm

    Cheers Ian, it’s the Knard tyres that roll so well, crap in gloop but cheating everywhere else.


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