New bike planning

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Don’t you just love planning new bikes?

With the help of Michael Travers my new Fat Bike is taking shape, I’ve sold my mark 1 Salsa Mukluk to a mate who’s taking ownership of it at the end of March/beginning of May and my new Race Fat should be arriving around that same date.

Unfortunately the build may not be completed until a month after as I’m in talks (via email) with a very specialist fork manufacturer, who I’m waiting on his reply to see if I can get a pre production fork to shout to you lot about.

I won’t mention the company on here just in case the offer goes tit’s up and I give them free advertising 😉

Once I get it in writing the Race Fat complete build will be listed up here.

This weekend I went to mid wales with the family and could only squeeze my Planet X XLS cyclo cross bike in the back of the car as well as the luggage, I recently fitted a 40mm wide front tyre on it but I couldn’t fit one on the back to improve the comfort, the wider tyre didn’t effect my speeds as I got a couple of Strava KOM’s to my name.

While riding into the never ending head wind I realised I liked the idea of the drops to get out of the wind, so it got my thinking of getting a cyclo cross bike frame that would take a wider rear tyre, after a twitter mail chat with Michael of Travers Bikes and a bit of internet searching I realised I like my Cycle Cross bike as it is, but I’ve a Niner AiR 9 race bike at home not getting used with a very lightweight but strong 29er wheel set up which I’m hoping that I can convert from quick releases to 12mm and 15mm bolt through axles.

My Niner frame has just sold and will get stripped down this week and the deposit will get sent for it’s replacement. A Travers Rudy 29er with a rigid carbon fork (unless I can get a 2nd special fork for it ;-)) which I’ll fit Salsa Woodchipper bars to it to make it into a Monster Cross bike.

My Titanium bike range is growing

29er+, 5″  Fat Bike, 1/5 Fat Jones 3d Spaceframe and a Monster Cross 29er


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