Feck me that was cold and wet…….

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I met Jim and Mark just as the rain started at 8.20am, the website “Rain Today” showed light rain for the next hour, so I’d be alright with summer gloves, summer light weight waterproof and over shoes over my summer shoes wouldn’t I? It was lovely yesterday……..

We chose to ride the southern loop of Liverpool down the Loop Line (Jim’s first time down there) as the clearing rain would make the route north to Southport enjoyable in the sun…..

By the time we re checked “Rain Today” in the shadow of the Liver Buildings it was pi$$ing it down and I couldn’t feel my fingers, Mark couldn’t feel his toes and Jim was soaked right through.

So, we headed home along the canal our separate ways, just sort of 40 miles in the rain wasn’t too bad but the pins and needles in the shower trying to warm up were uncomfortable.



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