Lauf in action

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Saturday saw me riding 32 miles for the review below, but Sunday saw me take the now bike over the 100 mile mark.

Nothing much changed in my opinion from Saturday apart from the better braking with the new BB& fitted on the front, the ride was as expected just as smooth.

Here’s a not very exciting video of the fork in action on standard local trails.

As I’ve said elsewhere

If you are happy with your air forks then DON’T down grade to these.

If you’re happy with rigid forks DON’T upgrade to these.

But if you ride rigid bikes and like them but want to take the “trail buzz” and numb hands and fingers out of XC riding over longer rides then Lauf Forks are your answer.

As their tag line says they really do “absorb the ride”
Pair them up with a nice titanium frame and you’ve a comfy XC hardtail bike for life

From a couple of UK riders who know what they are talking about on another forum “Another feature of the Lauf is the low unsprung weight compared to telescopic forks. Perhaps helping its small bump response” And “You’ve also no stiction to overcome (or damping circuit) which would make a big difference in that department”

And from a much better rider than I will ever be


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