It’s all about the bike

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Your old school cycling anti hero said in his book “it’s not about the bike”

We all know now that in this case it definitely was true and “it’s not about the bike”

Well I want to tell you that I don’t do drugs, I eat chocolate & drink fizzy pop.

Recently I’ve made some good friends at Travers Bikes and Lauf Forks, I was riding my new Rudy 29er titanium frame fitted with the very unique Trail Racer 29er forks on the lightweight wheels, Brooks Cambium C17 saddle and gear off my old and very stiff Niner race bike.

Back ground

Let’s just say it looks weird and one racer (off the TV 😉 ) says it looks like a monstrosity but I can confirm that it rides like a dream.

So, until this weekend, this decidedly average rider lined up with 600 other riders for this years Battle on the Beach race in South Wales. On the start list were some semi pro and many elite riders for this very unique 25 mile bike race for all types of bikes from Fat, Mountain and skinny tyred Cyclo Cross Bikes on trails which mix beach riding with flowing single track trails.



I stood there on the left hand side (the wrong side for a quick start) about 4 rows back surrounded by skinny racers covered in lycra all with their race faces on thinking to myself if I could get somewhere between place 200 and 299 I’d be more than happy with the result.

At 12 noon the gun went off and the racers hit the front leaving us mortals in their wake.

I go past the left of the camera at 28 seconds look for the green drop bars


The beach sprint at the sharp end.

Another video and I’m at 3.23 and eating jelly beans at 3.44

How did it go, well after 3 fast, frantic and fantastic laps of jockeying for the minor places the race was soon over and I counted a lot of finishers around the finishing line meaning I would be confident of a top 200 placing, I went home happy after a great day and especially beating Michael Travers who had a cold and was on a full fat bike plus he got his excuses in early.

But the next day (today) the results came out

I found out I came in 120th and 43rd in class

The bike was way better than I could ever give it justice, the frame and fork just soaked up the bumps, ruts, roots, twists and turns. It climbed and raced out of the saddle without any bobbing

So, I can be confident today and let you all know that “it defiantly is about the bike”


2 thoughts on “It’s all about the bike

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    March 23, 2015 at 9:24 pm

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    epicyclo said:
    March 23, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    Great stuff 🙂


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