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Sometimes the most simplest of ideas are the best ones to solve minor problems.

In cycling sometimes you want to carry gear on your bike and not on your back but the problem is the bottle cage is sometimes in the wrong place, either too high or too low on the frame.

The photo below shows the bottle in the perfect place on my Travers Rudy 29er for reaching down and drabbing a drink while on the go.


But fit a frame bag like the Wildcat Ocelot frame bag

and you either have to use a tiny water bottle or carry your water in a backpack which some of use don’t like doing.

So, from a post on The Bear Bones Bike Packing web forum

I ordered one of these


From Mount Skidmore over in Australia for the princely sum of just £11.12 and that included postage halfway around the world in just 9 days. Their website is here

And here’s the after picture showing the bottle now about 35mm lower in the frame meaning a 4″ deep bag to carry more gear and a larger bottle as well




2 thoughts on “Simple but effective

    mountskidmore said:
    July 24, 2015 at 9:45 pm

    Thanks for the mention John, glad our adapters are serving you well!


    […] The only changes I would make if I was designing the frame for my own bike packing needs, would be to get rid of the belt drive changes in the frame. The kink in the horse shoe bridge around the rear tyre for the wider belt drive cog, the split in the frame where the belt gets threaded through and I would move the bottle cage bosses lower on the inside of the frame without having to rely on the Mount Skidmore bottle cage adaptor as I do like to ride with the Wildcat Ocelot frame bag even when not bike packing. […]


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