Thurs 9th April 2015 Woollyback club night ride

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Fiddle i th bag pub – Dream – Ferry – Sankey Valley – Fiddle i th bag pub

From Roger’s post on the forum

A good turnout of 18 riders last night in perfect conditions for a new rout and a new format. Riding were Mikemph, Kiwi, , Neal, GreaveD, Screwloose, Ste w healie, Matty, Steg666, Carlos, tbSlug, Hammer, MarkS, Art Dave, amarsadayandy, P Paul and myself.

Starting from the Fiddle i th bag pub we took an undulating single-track on the north side of the Sanky Valley Canal and crossed by Mucky Mountain for our first sprint section uphill to a gate, where a few doubled back to avoid waiting. The next sprint sections were up to the Dream, along the mineral line, and a couple by SV canal, with less doubling back each time as the pace and distance began to tell. It still gave people the opportunity to push themselves and was considered good training, and allowed riders time to regroup.

The route was mainly along good flat paths, but there were some interesting diversions on single-track and through the woods between the canal and the Mersey and further along the canal on the return leg.

The final sprint was on the road leading back to the Fiddle, and after a ride of 21 miles in just over 2 hours we were justly rewarded with a pint and a chat.

On my bike which some likes and Art Dave hated I fixed my cheap Chinese GoPro copy camera and set it to one photo every 5 seconds and the battery lasted all of the ride, Over a 2nd beer at home last night I quickly edited the following 2 and a half minute video of the best of the photos and put them on line here for you to view.


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