Has it really been a month?

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A lot’s happened in the last month and I’ve been too busy and distracted to blog.

What’s happened?

I’ve handed my notice in after winning a new job as the Northern England sales rep for the number 1 company in the UK for industrial and agricultural PVC hoses, moving back into the market that I know very well indeed.

My current employer has kindly given me a months “Gardening Leave” to enjoy my riding. I’ve a 4 day and 3 night bivi ride planned for the weekend of the Summer Solstice, so of course there will be a blog about that as well.

So in the last month what’s happened apart from the job side of things?

We had the old kitchen ripped out

30 4 - Bye bye kitchen

And a new one fitted

8 5 Kitchen halfway there

I lead a local Woollybacks club ride


Archie had a poorly paw and had to go to the vets

Love me......

I went for a ride on the Long Mynd

26 5 - Stiperstones Half Fat

My new Lauf Fat Fork arrived

4 6 - New Lightweight Fat fork

To go with my Travers Bat Fastard titanium fat bike and all the kit that’s currently at Keep Pedalling in Manchester being built up


I leave a Worlds End club ride after a last minute change from the original Long Mynd loop


A couple of us stopped out and bivied overnight in a North Wales forest

7 6 - Last nights bedroom

We saw the ISS (international Space Station) fly over head

6 6 - ISS over Llandegla

More to come


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