Rohloff drive on the Travers Angus 29er+

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To help those interested in the Rohloff gears and cable routing on the Travers Angus let me give you my thoughts with help of some pictures.


Side on shot, note the old style quick release, after 2 months of creaks from the frame not knowing where it was coming from I replaced the bling lightweight QR with this old school one and the creaks stopped straight away.









So far I’ve ridden 3,500 miles on my Angus, 600 miles on the belt drive before it failed and the rest still on the same 38 x 16 cogs and chain set up, but rather than cover old ground at the bottom of this blog are my earlier blogs about this bike to help you out.

and here are todays photos of the cable routing

The only changes I would make if I was designing the frame for my own bike packing needs, would be to get rid of the belt drive changes in the frame. 1 – The kink in the horse shoe bridge around the rear tyre for the wider belt drive cog, 2 – the split in the frame where the belt gets threaded through, 3 – not have rack mounts, 4 – and I would move the bottle cage bosses lower on the inside of the frame without having to rely on the Mount Skidmore bottle cage adaptor as I do like to ride with the Wildcat Ocelot frame bag even when not bike packing.

Earlier blogs about this bike


One thought on “Rohloff drive on the Travers Angus 29er+

    Sven Coonen said:
    August 16, 2015 at 10:22 am

    Love your blog about Travers stuff! After hours of reading and Googling I finally bit the bullit and bought a Travers Angus and build it up with Rohloff and belt drive. So far no troubles with the belt drive here …

    Liked by 1 person

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