On One B.S.C. type 1 tyre review

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Yesterday I spent a couple of hours of fighting to fit my new On One B.S.C. type 1 tyres (google “Bristol Stool Chart type 1”) tubless on  to my Stans Flow rims with the rim strips causing the tight fitting issues on both wheels I used Stans liquid and glitter to help seal up any holes, all of this was on my Travers Rudy 29er Monster Cross with Lauf Trail Racers 29er Forks

5 9 - New super slicks on the MonsterCross


I then went for a local 6 miles spin to make sure they worked and they did very well.

This morning I started out at 8.30am on a cool and dry day. I rode on tarmac, gravel roads, a local mini trail centre and a rough type old coach roads and they tyres were perfect on all but mud where they were terrible but that’s to be expected on such a tyre.

As for a speed test I went for a local Strava section down the “Old Coach Road” where in the past I set a Strava KOM on my carbon Cyclo Cross bike with skinny fast rolling tyres on it. The segment is 3.4miles on a rough old tarmac and gravel road which is not suitable for road bikes or normal non 4 wheel drive cars and has only 60ft of ups and downs over it’s length.

My best time when I was 1/2 stone lighter and slightly fitter (Sept 2013) was 17.3mph average and ridden in 12mins 04secs

Today on my Titanium Monster Cross bike with Lauf Forks and these fatter tyres was 18.2mph average ridding in 11mins 29secs

For the record I’ve ridden this section 15 times.

As for the rest of the ride after meeting up with a mate at mile 32 my average speed dropped but apart from a couple of sections of mud the tyres never once caused an issue, admittedly there was no major fast sharp corners to test their limits.

The only issue I had was a front tyre puncture which wouldn’t seal, but these tyres were never sold as tubless tyres I just tried it in the hope that it worked, after fighting to get the tyre off it was out with the rim strip and they tyre with inner tube was fitted much easier without the rim strip.

The rear tyre is still tubless but I’ll be carrying a couple of inner tubes until I need to put one in the rear when that get’s a puncture that won’t seal.

So, to sum up after 65 miles today and 6 yesterday.

The On One B.S.C. type 1 tyre are an incredibly fast rolling tyre with enough grip for my type of riding when I use this bike and in the future for quiet tarmac and back road bike packing trips.


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