When N+1* costs even more money than just the bikes on their own

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*Number of bikes owned = N + 1 more bike to buy

I’ve got a problem, in fact I’ve got two problems.

Not only am I addicted to weird and to my mind wonderful off road bikes, but I’m also addicted to the new Brooks Cambium range of saddles.

Finally I’ve found a saddle that fits my bum for all day comfort, through my cycling years since a teenager on a Raleigh Grifter and my Puch Pacemaker to an almost 48 year old off roading Peter Sagan wannabe.

I’ve tried dozens of saddles, but it wasn’t until I discovered my B17 leather saddle did I really find a saddle that fitted my bum just right. It proudly lasted me 4 weeks…… it was not the saddles fault it had such a short life it was my own stupid fault, going for glory over a jump that I’d done many times before. The crash not only killed my saddle as I landed on it from a height, but I broke 3 ribs, a collarbone and ended up in hospital for 3 days and nights, that is once I came around from consciousness.

What a waste, not of a fantastic saddle but for the effort I put in to it waxing and weather proofing it, putting carrier bags over it to protect it from rain, fitting mud guards to prevent mud and water from ruining the underside of the saddle.

So imagine my joy and my bank balance groan when the rubber Cambium was launched. Instant comfort, weather proof and good looking. What’s not to like. Just don’t tell my wife how much they cost!!!



My original Brooks Leather saddle



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