At last my stuck seatpost is out

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18 months after realising my Thompson Seat Post was stuck in my titanium Jones I’ve been worried about removing it from the frame.

I’ve tried a mallet/hammer and a “fast release penetrant” spray but nothing.

I didn’t want to cut my £80 seat post down and drill/cut out the lower part but especially I didn’t want to damage the titanium frame.

So, today I bit the bullet and with every finger crossed I took my bike over to John “The Seatpost Man” at his base near Rivington.

Of course John doesn’t want anyone to know his unique way that he removes every type of seat post from carbon, aluminium, steel or titanium frames, so I left it with him and went to see some customers nearby.

2 hours later I got the phone call to come and collect my bike as it was ready.

The good news is that John got the seatpost out and both the frame and post wear 100% as good as new, so saving me not only £80 on a new seatpost but many frustrating hours trying to dig out a perfectly good Thompson seatpost.

Free at last


And down

£59.99 of money well spent
And Copper slip used when re fitting the post tonight


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