Global Fat Bike Day 2015

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Merseyside edition, 17 riders out, with “Steve’s” Ice Cream truck making 18 Fat Bikes in the same area of England at one time. Record?

Riders from Coventry, Rotherham, Blackburn, Stafford, Wigan and many locals.

Thanks all for your company, banter and for making such a manky day so memorable.
We had Storm Desmond to keep us company blowing us northbound up several beaches without pedalling, we rode single track, down hilled sand dunes (with one crash/face plant from Kobe). A broken rear mech and a dropped chain losing KatesDad for 5 mins were the only other issues of the day.

I think I even got away with getting us lost in many of the wooded areas on the way south. Once in the open near the end it was into the very evil head wind that really split the group, after re grouping we hit the tarmac topping into the teeth of the wind and got up to a top speed of just 6.5mph.
After all our goodbyes Floyd, Ivan and I rode along the Leeds Liverpool canal to the start point, topping my mileage at 47.8 miles


The route

The traditional echelon photo #HerdingCats

Pride comes before a —-


DSC05935 - B&W
Black & White all arty


Wind blown to say the least

One hell of a lot of rubber
Click here for all 92 photos


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