Looks like a few weeks off the bikes

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Everything was going great until Wednesday night at 10pm when stomach cramps hit me, a couple of hours later the wife suggested some Pepto-Bismol, 30 minutes later the pain turned into out of control shivers as well as knotted stomach pains.

The emergency health phone number 111 was rung and after 3 different call handlers the time was around 3 am and the pain and shivers were subsiding. I managed a whole 2 hours of sleep before I asked the wife to email my boss to ask for my first sick day for 5 or 6 years, but by lunchtime the pain was back. An emergency appointment at the Dr’s was obtained but this quickly turned into the next stop being the local but major hospital. Where I sit right now in Ward 4 Room 5 Bed C writing this blog late on a Saturday night….

The pain killers helped me through the examinations but appendicitis was the diagnosis, so because they’re were people before me and the pain killers were working I was booked in to have it whipped out in a simple key hole 30 minute operation at 9.30 on the next morning.

9.30am came and went because a major operation had pushed me back but the drugs were working and there was no rush with this standard run of the mill operation, I was hoping to be home 24 hours afterwards.

I finally went under at 2pm but didn’t wake up until the wife arrived for visiting at 7.40pm, asking questions afterwards I found I was out for well over 4 hours. Apparently my appendix had exploded several weeks before and the stuff from within was coating my outer bowel lining and making it gangrene. The pain was the infection eating in other my bowels. (Sounds disgusting but that what the surgeon quickly told me in my morphine filled state)

So, rather than a key hole operation with 3 tiny scars they had to cut me open with a 4″ scar to pull my bowel out of and cut a section of it out before joining it back together again that bit shorter, plus for 48 hours I had  bag collecting all the crud coming out of my stomach to carry around with me. Making it 5 holes in total to heal up.

So, I sit here on a Saturday evening waiting for yet another antibiotic IV drip to go in and some more painkillers to numb my aches and pains.

I’ve already had to cancel a weekend away with the family next weekend which we booked in back January and the best Bike Packing event of the year the weekend afterwards the (almost) famous Welsh Ride Thing to replace this with maybe just a short spin around the block in a couple of weekends time.

Oh well, at east I’ve carried my fitness through the winter so this 3 week “blib” shouldn’t spoil the years riding, I will just need to cram in more bike packing trips into a shorter window, but I’ve now got 2 weeks to plan my adventures.

Here’s to good health



One thought on “Looks like a few weeks off the bikes

    Michele said:
    April 18, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    That sounds horrendous – what a nightmare! It’s a good job you got to hospital when you did! Wishing you a speedy recovery x


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