I think I’ve perfected it

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After a few years of bike packing I think I’ve now got my perfect kit that can be used on any of my bikes.

10 6 - Bivi ride ready
This is my Travers Rudy Fat 29er+ loaded up ready for this weekend bivi ride in the lakes.

After trying several other brands I’ve found that Wildcat Gear suits my needs perfectly, so much so that Beth (Wildcat) has let me have their new lightweight tapered drybag, new lightweight double ended drybag and Cheetah top tube pack that fits against the seat tube before they actually go on sale.

Some close up photos, in addition to the yellow tapered bag and Cheetah seat post pack this shows the Tiger seat post pack and the Ocelot frame bag

Up front I have the dry bag help in place with the Lion handlebar harness
I’ve used another make of handle bar harness in the past but this is shorter and I feel this is perfect for non suspended mountain bikes.
On the front of the yellow dry bag I have the Lioness front pack which I leave nearly empty for those evening pre bivi shop stops.

In the front bag I have the following
Silwing tarp
Thermorest airbed
Cumulus 250 Quilt
Borah bivi bag
inflatable pillow
and for a bit of luxury a silk liner

All of this weighs in at just 1791grams

And to show how waterproof a new yellow Wildcat tapered dry bag is, here it is along side it’s (used) competitor, both turned inside out and filled with 3 water bottles of water = 2250ml


And after one and a half hours the red bag had leaked out 750ml of water but the Wildcat yellow bag had not leaked a drop. Not scientific but it works for me.

And as a matter of interest the red tapered bag weighs 137grams while the Wildcat waterproof tapered dry bag is just 60grams

Here it is on my Fat Bike but without the front pack set up

For more details on my bike packing luggage of choice

Please note, Beth of Wildcat did send me the 2 yellow bags from her prototype stock (god only knows why she chose me) but this has nothing to do with my words and kit choice.


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