What does a Cheetah eat?

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10 or so rides in and my new Wildcat Cheetah is now my go to camera and phone carrying bike bag. I use this now instead of risking my technology jumping out of my jersey pockets because I gave up on back packs a long time ago.

In the past I’ve had those pouches that fix to your handlebar & stem but they do get in the way with my knees knocking into it/then from time to time especially when out of the saddle climbing up hill.

So, when a Cheetah came on the market I thought I’d give it a go as I’ve now moved all of my bike packing gear to Wildcat Gear it was the sensible next step.

What’s a Cheetah and where does it fit on the bike?
It’s a bag that simply fits at the rear of the top tube and up against the seat post.

On the first ride out I over loaded it and the bulge on each side was rubbing against the inside of my thighs, but taking a bit of kit out and popping it in my pocket the problem was solved.

But what fits in the Cheetah?

Personal phone, work phone and camera

Bivi essentials

5″ Fat Bike inner tube

More bivi essentials with room spare for a packet or two of Mr Porky’s

5 hard boiled eggs

And if you need to wash a car a full sized car sponge


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