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Amazing, but it’s not a ride on my “to do list” after reading this


IMG_1719 On the way to Glen Golly

In May 2015 (18th) I had set off from Tyndrum to attempt the HT550, but after being blasted by gale force winds and horizontal rain, trying to get up Glen Golly to the top of the Bealach Horn, I bailed out when reaching the road at Achfary, and sought sanctuary in a 3star hotel in Lairg some 35 miles down the road.

But somehow I wanted to get on this route again… Why ?

It’s the magic of the Highlands, the being out in it all day, and several days, some good riding, and the experience of being self contained in a hostile but beautiful environment, far away from the normal delights of daily life.

I didn’t want to do the group start (not that I would qualify anyway) as I wanted the freedom to start when my head decided, hoping my head was…

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