Could this be the Holy Grail?

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New waterproof cycling/walking tops are fantastic, they work well at keeping you dry through all weathers….. but let’s face it they are rubbish after 3 or 4 washes.

Yes you can re treat them with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent), but once the original treatment wears or washes out you can never get it as good as it was originally no matter what treatment you use or however many hours you labour over re proofing it. If you can and your waterproof is still as good as new I bow down to you but I can’t be bothered trying to perfect it.

The problem is that all* waterproof clothing relies on it’s DWR to stop the top layer and/or main waterproof “wetting out” once this fails the outer soaks up water rather than having the water bead up on it so that the droplets of water runs off. When the layer has wetted out it simply can’t breath any more and your sweat lays on the inside of your so called breathable waterproof clothing making you feel like a boil in the bag meal.

*That is until this year.

Two companies are looking to re write the rule books and change the future of waterproofing.

Gore launched and sold out of their 1000 unit limited run of One Gore-Tex Active range of tops

But the outdoor clothing company Columbia has a range that is in stock and has been missed by most mountain bike riders.

Here’s their youtube marketing bumph video

As I’m fed up of this summers rain the only way to stop the rain is to buy a new waterproof, so I’ve just ordered one of these

Outdry EX Platinum shell

A Columbia Outdry Ex Platinum Shell, I’ve read the reviews, blogs and think that making sure the correct layers are worn underneith and the arm pit zips are used correctly this could be the perfect answer to riding in our British weather.

It’s due here this week and I’ll let you know on this blog what I think about it and how it works once the rain comes back again.

Updated 15/7/2016


My new jacket arrived today and in perfect timing as it is St Swithins day
(if you don’t know what St Swithins day is google it but don’t get depressed when you get the answer)

Initial thoughts
Grey not black as the photo showed on the website, but it’s not bad enough to complain
It’s a bit noisier than normal waterproofs
Weighs 394 grams
The back is long enough to cover my bum when on the bike
The arms are long enough with a nice bend in the elbow seam
The wrists have a simple vercro strap and the holes are big enough to pull the sleeves up over your elbows and to vercro then closed again and they stay up
The arm pit zips are nice and long and easy to open
The 3 pockets are big enough and are mesh lined so could be undone to help vent
Size is a fraction on the larger size, my medium is a little baggy but will be perfect in the winter
The zips are waterproof
The hood is big and a nice fit
It compacts down to fold down into it’s pocket, see below

The rain beads on it perfectly and it shakes dry instantly



If i was making it I would add a double pull zip so that it could be sealed into it’s pocket more compact

I used it this afternoon for the dog walk in “muggy heat” and it was warm with a long sleeved Helly Hansen top on under it.
The liner is comfortable enough to wear a lightweight tee shirt or normal cycling top on on under it most of the year.

Test ride to come



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