Winter outdoor sleeping thinking

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The sun was out, it was warm, so what better day to spend faffing and sorting out my sleep system for winter bike backing trips?

I’ve never slept well outdoors in a sleeping bag with it’s constricted feel, so when I bought my Cumulus 250 quilt last year and discovering how much better I slept with the freedom that the quilt offers it was a revelation.


Cumulus (Criterion) Quantum 350 sleeping bag on the left and my Cumulus 250 quilt on the right.

Sleeping bag and Quilt links

Not wanting to spend up to €229 (£194) on a winter quilt from Cumulus I had an idea of combining the two that I already have.

Hanging the quilt on the washing line and wrapping the sleeping bag around it


I found that the sleeping bag was a perfect fit around the quilt as it didn’t crush the quilt in anyway, it added another layer of insulation and it also traps air in between the two as well. With he sleeping bag twisted through 90 degrees I was worried that it would crush the quilt’s foot box which luckily didn’t.


After a quick garden test (bloody warm in there in the sun)

7 8 Testing time

I simply stitched in to the sleeping bags zip short lengths of thin guy lines that I then tied to the little loops in the quilt.


Once done, while listening to to the radio and England winning in the cricket test match I thought I’d show off my handy work.


I found a medium dry bag and shoved them both together into it


On the left (red) is my quilt and sleeping bag combo on the right is my Mountain Hardwear Lamina 0 winter sleeping bag.

My smaller packed red quilt combo weighs in at


Whereas my Lamina winter sleeping bag weighs


When packed separately


And the sleeping bag still zips up as normal


Of course I will be using it on my winter air mattress for extra insulation as well.

I’m not wanting to wish away the summer, but I’m looking forward to my next winter overnighter and it it works well I’ll be looking to shave a fraction of weight off by removing the zip and the sleeping bag hood which now has to be tucked in between the two as it’s on the side of the bag.


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