Travers DIRTi Full Build

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May I introduce you to my new bike, built up before I put on my weird finishing touches?


The DIRTi has been in development for about 2 years well before the “Gravel” craze took off! the concept behind the DIRTi frame was to produce a long distance road bike that could be handle both on and off road. To be honest, the DIRTi frame fills a frustration of mine, when out on my road bike I would see a cool looking off road trail snaking away but being on the road tyres I could only wonder where it went but now with the DIRTi I (you) can explore further a field.

The DIRTi is designed around a standard 12 x 142 MTB disc hub so there is a massive selection to choose from. The frame also comes as standard with a 68mm wide PF30 BB so it can be run with a road 30mm BB axle or easily converted to a single speed set-up with an aftermarket Eccentric…

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