Don’t wait until “summer” to start bike packing

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For those waiting for the warmer and drier months here in the UK, lets face it…… they don’t happen.

Yes last year June and Sept were dry but July and August 2016 were very wet and miserable.

The following photos are from my bivi a month project which I set myself after an serious bowel operation last April.

Although I’ve camped out more than 11 times, here are my 11 out of 11 bivi a month photos, from views from the sand dunes to very wet Welsh bothies.

They can be long rides over multiple days or just a short walk from a pub after a bite to eat and a couple of beers


May 16 – #JennRide

June 16 – Sand dune view 3 miles from the pub

July 16 – Riding home after a local bivi

Aug 16 – The wettest ride of the year

Sept 16 – Back in the sand dunes

Oct 16 – With Archie who barked at every bloody owl which hooted all bloody night long

Nov 16 – A cold and frosty Northumberland

Dec 16 – The view from my bivi overlooking the sea and Snowdonia

Jan 17 – Pole position in a Welsh bothy

Feb 17 – Bivi view before bed

March 17 – Just a mile from the pub

Half of these were done locally with no need for the car (apart for the dog walk one), the others were no more than 2 hours drive away.

Get out from under your duvet, kick off your slippers and enjoy your riding in a different kind way getting closer to nature even if it’s close
to home.
Don’t forget I have loan gear from Wildcat now that you can test out, so what’s stopping you?


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